Conference Presentations and Panel Moderation

Academic Conference Presentations

2021         Panelist, Film Studies Association of Canada, panel: The Living Archive: Sites, Maps & Territories with Janine Marchessault, Susan Lord and Dorit Naaman. June 1, 2021. 

2021         Presenter, Canadian Communication Association, Congress for the Humanities & Social Sciences, University of Alberta, panel: Visualizing the Anthropocene, moderated by Matthew Flisfeder, paper: Anthropocene Visuality. June 3, 2021.

2020         Panelist, Film Studies Association of Canada, Living Archives panel with Janine Marchessault, Susan Lord and Dorit Naaman, Congress for the                         Humanities & Social Sciences, Western University. June 2-5. (cancelled)

2020          Presenter, Canadian Communication Association, Congress for the Humanities & Social Sciences, Western University. June 2-5. (cancelled)

2018          Panelist, 8th Annual Popular Culture Association of Canada, Brock University, St Catherine’s, ON. May 3-5.

2018          Panelist, 49th Northeast Modern Languages Association Annual Convention, panel: Global Warming and the Humanities, paper: The Anthropocene                  Imaginary: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Global Warming, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. April 12-15.

2018          Panelist, Society for Cinema & Media Studies, Annual Conference, paper: Cli-fi, Horror & the Circumpolar North: Visual Culture of the                                    Anthropocene. March 14-18.

2017          Panelist, College Art Association 105th Annual Conference, panel: The Last Frontier: Current Trends in Visual Culture of the Circumpolar                                North, New York. February 15-18.

2016          Panelist, Film Studies Association of Canada, panel: Northern Landscapes, Annual Congress 2016, University of Calgary, May 2.

2016          Panelist, Research/Creation, Toronto Film & Media Seminar, TIFF Learning Studios, Jan. 15.

2015          Panelist, Universities Art Association of Canada Annual Conference, panel: The Art of Surveillance, NSCAD University, Nov 7.

2015          Panelist, Arctic Cinemas and the Documentary Ethos, panel: Cold War Legacies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. August 27-30.

2015           Panelist, Visible Evidence XXII, paper: Photo-Conceptualism, Temporal Dialogues and Outmoded Architectures of War. University of Toronto,                           August 19-23.

2015           Panelist, Film Studies Association of Canada, workshop, Professional Options in Cinema & Media Studies. Annual Congress 2015. University of                       Ottawa, June 1-3.

2015          Panelist, Association of Art Historians, panel, Visualizing Nuclear Culture, paper: Shadows from the Future | Kelly Richardson’s The Last Frontier.                    Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. April 9-11.

2015          Panelist, Intersections | Cross-sections: Thresholds, Presence, Absence & Territory York and Ryerson Universities, panel title: Thinking Between                      Space and Time: Ephemeral Memory in Altered, Mediated, and Absent Spaces, with Alysse Kushinski & Jonathan Petrychyn, paper: Ghostly                            Alterities | Uncanny Spectrality in the work of Do Ho Suh. March 13-14.

2015          Panelist, College Art Association 103rd Annual Conference, panel: Anemic Cinema: Dada/Surrealism and Film in the Americas, New York.                              February 11-14.

2014          Panelist, 3rd International Conference of Photography and Theory: Photography and Politics and the Politics of Photography, panel:                                        Contested Landscapes and Photography: Trauma, Violence, Politics, paper: Richard Mosse | Violence and Light Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre,                          Cyprus. December 5-7.

2014          Panelist, Imagining Crisis, panel: In Defence of the Future, Inaugural Cinema & Media Studies Graduate Conference at York University. November                  21-23.

2014          Panelist, Recombinant Creativity: Temporal Intersections, (De)Historicizing Strategies and Contemporary Cultural Products, panel:                                        Subaltern Sampling, Annual Contemporary Art, Design & New Media Histories Conference at OCAD University. March 6-7.

2014          Panelist, Context & Meaning XIII: Contact, panel: Subcultures in Revolt at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre. Jan 31-Feb 1.

2013 & 14 Panelist, Future Communications Symposium at York/Ryerson Joint Graduate Program in Communication and Culture, York University. December                   13  and November 14.

Panels Moderated

2019          Moderator, Cultural Representation and Identities, Annual Future Communications conference, Joint Program in Communication and Culture, Vari                    Hall, York University. Panelists: Oceane Nyela, Zahra Nader, Aaron Demeter. Dec 13.

2015          Moderator, The City, Space and Surveillance with panelists Jesse Cumming, Missy Anderson, Danielle Dawson, George Martin, Future                                    Communications Conference 2015, York University, Dec. 11.

2015          Moderator, Precarious-U Expectations of Academic Life, Professional Development Workshop at Universities Art Association of Canada Annual                          Conference with panelists Cody Lang, Kyler Clarke and Maryse Lariviere, NSCAD University, Nov 6.

2015          Moderator, for Bill Burns’ book launch Hans Ulrich Obrist Hear Us, co-publication between YYZBOOKS and Black Dog Publishing, with panelists: Bill                  Burns, David Balzer, Peggy Gale, Art Toronto, Oct 23.

2015          Moderator for Urban Field Speaker Series at Prefix Institute for Contemporary Art, in partnership with Latin American Canadian Art Projects.                          Guest speaker: Regina Silveira. April 2.

2015          Keynote Moderator for Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts & Technology, Annual Conference Collapsing Constellations: Remapping Art, Science                        and the Planetary, Keynote speaker: Natasha Myers.

2015          Moderator, Imagined Worlds, 14th Annual York University Art History Graduate Symposium, panel: Conjured Creatures: Culture as Performance,                    panelists: Cat Ashton, David Hou. February 27.

2013          Moderator, Botched and Bawdy: Transgression in the Flesh, for Fallout: Visions of Apocalypse symposium, with panelists: Isàbel Luce, Richard                        Moszka, Martha Robinson at Mercer Union. March 9.